Fit Rewards – Our Rewards and Referral Program.

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Introducing Fit Rewards – Our Rewards and Referral program. Now you earn points for every purchase you make as well as when you refer someone to us! Read on to learn how it works.

From now on, for every purchase you make you will receive points that automatically accumulate in your account that can be used towards a future purchase. At any time you can use your points towards a purchase by selecting how many points you would like to redeem at checkout. You can use them right away or save them up to get a big discount or even get your whole order for FREE!

Earn one point for every dollar spent and start earning your way to free food.

Not only that, but you can earn $10 worth of points simply by referring someone to us. Go to ‘My Account’ and click on the referral link option on the left. Copy the link and send it to as many people you think could benefit from our service. When they make a purchase, YOU earn $10 towards a future purchase and your friend will immediately be rewarded with $5 off their next purchase.

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer and they will be glad you did. Not only will they start eating healthy as well, they will immediately be rewarded with points.

Sign up for a subscription and not only get 10% off your order, but accumulate points automatically. You’ll be well on your way to potentially earning a whole week’s worth of free food or, who knows, even more.

We will be adding more options that you can use to earn rewards in the near future, so stay tuned.

For now… start earning rewards with our new Fit Rewards – Our Rewards and Referral program!

5 Powerful Benefits To Incorporating Massage Into Your Lifestyle

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5 Powerful Benefits Of Incorporating Massage Into Your Lifestyle

Change Your Life by Reaping Benefits of Frequent Massages

Choose the Best Massage Therapists

We're a top rated registered massage therapy (RMT) & Wellness Clinic with two great locations:

Burrard / Davie
We have over 130 5-star reviews and are consistently rated 5/5 by our patients.

Every single person that comes to visit us is listened to and their needs are met. We find out if you're in pain, injured or perhaps just need some relaxation time to find yourself again. If you want an expert RMT to treat you we can help. Come see an RMT Vancouver or book an appointment at mountainviewmovement.com . We offer direct and ICBC billing too.

Enjoy the article below on why regular massages can lead to a drastically increased quality of life.

Improving Your Life Through Massage

Most people consider massages and relaxation to be synonymous, which is true to some extent, but there is a lot more to it. Occasional body massages are the best way to straighten out the knots in your body, but what about long-lasting and life-changing advantages of frequent massages? An easy way to update your self-care regime would be the addition of regular massage treatments that become a part of your lifestyle.

Improving Every Aspect of Life

The common perspective is that massages are great for the body, but they can also positively impact almost every part of an individual’s life. Massage therapy brings positive changes in the physical, physiological, emotional, and mental health of people.

Prominent Advantages of Frequent Massages

Out of the many types/modalities of massages, you can choose any to be a part of your lifestyle and will soon see the changes it brings. Even something as small as a foot massage has the potential to change your outlook on life. Talking about the benefits, we will be covering them based on their impact on the different parts of an individual’s life.

1. Alleviation of Back Pain

Back pain is an affliction that is suffered by almost everyone more than once in their lives, whether they have back issues or not. The causes vary, but the presentation is the pain, and one of the best methods of tackling this issue is to get massaged.

2. Reduction in Stress-Related Complaints

Stress destroys a human body, and it is almost impossible in our twenty-four seven society to avoid it. The best option that you have to manage it would be going for regular massage appointments. Muscle pain and tightness caused by stress would be resolved by a therapeutic massage that will ultimately decrease cortisol levels and insulin, and help you manage the physical presentation of stress.

3. Correct Your Posture

Bad posture is a primary causes of body ache for most people, but it can be dealt with a massage by a well-trained massage therapist. A deep tissue massage will target the muscles around joints, which will slowly but surely improve your posture. For the management of pain that comes with bad posture, you could also look at physiotherapy.

4. Better Quality of Life

Regular massages have been shown to improve quality of life regardless of the health issues you might have. Even if you don't have any health issues currently, regular massage therapy can help in preventing issues.

5. Neuromuscular Pains and Movement Injuries

Many people sit at their desks at work for long stretches of time. This often results in movement injuries in their back, arms, legs, and more. The answer to this tiresome and painful problem is myofascial therapy; this is a massage technique where chronic pain in major muscles that support the body is addressed.

Got any more questions on registered massage therapy or massages? Reach out to the mountainviewmovement.com team at hello@mountainviewmovement.com or even give us a call on +1 978 - 674 - 5857

Rachel Killam’s Covid19 Coping Tips

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Rachel is a IBFF Figure Pro AND has a full-time job as the Marketing Manager for Magnum Nutraceuticals. That’s a whole lot of discipline and structure on any day. But with the current Covid19 pandemic in full swing, Rachel has had to adjust her life as well. How has she adjusted? Read Rachel Killam’s Coping tips below:

  1. Practice gratitude DAILY! Whenever I start to feel myself getting anxious or slipping into a bad headspace about the unforeseeable future, I take a moment to reflect on everything I am currently grateful for.
  2. Keep to a routine! Structure your days and slot in your active times as you would normally. This is especially important if you have been working from home or laid off. I’ve been fortunate enough to be working from Magnum HQ during the week, but having my old routine flipped on its head has definitely been hard, so this is important.
  3. Move your body. Gyms might be closed but you need to keep moving. Skipping workouts will have a negative impact on mental health during stressful times.
  4. Don’t forget your anchors! Your anchors are things that help keep you grounded during stressful times – like the gym when available, or any other habits/activities you would normally enjoy to help relax, blow off steam etc.
  5. Be kind to yourself! Be gentle and don’t beat yourself up about lost motivation or focus. We are all handling this in different ways, some better than others – but we’re all faced with challenges. Cut yourself some slack!
  6. Take a social media break. I have had to do this a few times – information overload around COVID and all of the conspiracies can be heavy – and there is an abundance of reactive individuals. You also aren’t a failure if you’re not super productive, hustling, or learning a new skill during this pandemic!
  7. Treat your body well especially under prolonged times of stress – make sure you’re fueling with nutritious foods to help keep inflammation down.

Thanks Rachel, for the great tips!